Mary Jane’s Farm

My favorite person, place and magazine.

She provides a virtual  land where I connect with other women who have rural hearts. Women who share a kinship with country life, organic food and  other strong enduring Americans. These women will include you in their lives through Mary Janes Farm Blog, by sharing  their loves, their interests, and with a make it yourself kind of  living. They read the Mary Janes Farm magazine with zest. They post on her website with tremendous  eagerness about  bringing  more  farming life into their lives. 

They  post stories, endless stories about chickens, about  feeding the neighbor’s horse. Or getting a treadle machine to work. They will cheer me on when they hear I found the treadle sewing machine belts at Lehman’s. Which reminds me, another treasure found at Lehman’s was this~

posted on their wall of fame.

A copy of an article in Mary Janes Farm, about the pleasures of grinding your own wheat.  Billed  as a country woman’s aerobic workout. 

Truly one more of lifes greater pleasures. Mary Janes Farm and Lehman’s.

Farmgirl #1360


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