My chicks are in the barn

My peeps   

Yesterday I went to Rural King in Wentzville for chicken feed.

 Forgot the chicken feed.   

 Came back with 20 very young chicks.   

Remembered the chick starter though.   

And the chicks. Lucky for me,  there was a young girl who looked like she worked there. Maybe she was really a  middle school student, but she was  standing right there at the chicks. Holding one, while the rest were in the coop. I am sure she was  there to help me. Especially to  put the chicks into the box to carry home. Good thing, other wise I would still be there trying to decide which ones to take home.  They all looked the same and were all the same breed.  Exactly what I wanted. Pullets. In other words all young  females~ translation~ egg making machines.      

Honestly, I am happy watching baby chicks. 

Or watching them do this  



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One Response to “My chicks are in the barn”

  1. Lynn Obermoeller Says:

    Awww, look at those little cutie stinkers.

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