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Procrastination be gone

March 24, 2010

It might not look like much to you, but this is clear evidence I am procrastinating less.  Last weekend, I did something different when I started embroidering the hens and chicks that I have had the pattern for since 2006. Pulling out the red thread was easy, copying the pattern on to material, fun and the first couple of hours pretty good. But somewhere momentum started slowing,  and those last few chicks were a chore.  Normally I would have stopped then, set it aside and told myself, I was enjoying the process.  Five years later, I would wonder why I never finished it, as I admired the homeyness of it. Then wrapped it back up, put it away leaving it for my child to deal sometime in the future.

But instead of all that,  I kept saying to myself –just keep going until it is done– and found the frame, covered it, backed it and here she is.  My hen sitting on her chicks, embroidered in red thread and framed in recycled denim material is the result of just keeping at it until it is done. 
 Procrastination continues to be my bad habit.  Overcoming it through reminding myself to do the next small thing keeps me moving forward.