Bill showed me a short

March 21, 2010

you tube video about an eagle hunting a deer.   This sounds  more gruesome than it really was on the video. The eagle was trained to hunt and the deer didn’t seem full-sized but it is hard to tell.  From my perspective it was an amazing  event to have  been captured on film in the first place. The other unusual thing was the title that flashed at the beginning. A once in a lifetime event. Whoever this video was from they picked a title significant to me. 

This is a time in my life when I realize that many of the events of my life were truly “Once in a lifetime”. When I gave birth to my only child, Russell. And nursing him,absolutely  amazing.  When I moved away from Ohio as a teenager, I didn’t know I would never move back.  Living in Italy was definitely a once in a lifetime event that I will always cherish.  Living here on our small farm in Missouri, not to be missed event of a lifetime. The  time I caught the shark in Florida,  or swam in the waters off the coast of Elba. The firewalk that changed my ideas about the world as I knew it. These memories become more precious to me as I pass through my life. 

Lately I have been approaching my days as if  “Today is a  Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”. Each word is capitalized to emphasize that the events of each day is an Experience. That everything I experience will  be for the  last time. It has brought me a deepening appreciation for the people I share the world with. 

 How I manage this is through questioning myself,  “Have I said and done everything I wanted? “.  Usually the answer is “No”, but I  go deeper into the moment. This questioning  makes my life richer emotionally.

 I will hit plenty of emotional peaks making a new normal.  Wear myself out?  Probably.  But until then, I will think about what it is like to witness the eagle and deer.


Sausage Dinner in New Melle

March 13, 2010


 This is Heinrich. Our German Shepard. You might not be able to tell but he is in the back of our pickup truck. Looking into the front seat waiting on us to get started.



 This is where we are headed towards.  A sausage dinner in New Melle, Missouri. Held at  IHM, otherwise known as Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, $10 a person for all you can eat  sausage, mashed potatoes, green beans,corn, sauerkraut, applesauce and  desert. Plus iced tea.


My handsome driver, Bill.  He really loves me and loves  driving me around in our old pick up truck. Especially with Heinrich in the back.  He is thrilled to be eating dinner soon.

Bill’s beautiful and (much) younger sister Nancy.  She really doesn’t like these sorts of things, but she goes along with us because she is kind.  The reason she doesn’t like church suppers is that we make her over eat. And she is not a fan of over eating.  She is family and we over look such things.


This wonderful couple is Jim, he is in the plaid shirt and Debbie, she has the great lite green shirt and vest on.  She looks really good in that color. They are waiting to pay for their meal. Jim said he was hungry because he skipped breakfast before church.

Here is Nancy’s husband, Mike, I know you can’t see him well. Normally he will beam smiles and hello’s but he is busy right now studying his plate..


Debbie & Al. The best friends anyone could want.  They were the ones responsible for us finding out about the one two weeks ago. It in turn lead us to this one. ANd now we know about another one here in New Melle in two more weeks. Sunday dinners are so much easier this way. Debbie is a massage therapist and Al is the lucky recipient of her massages. 


What the fuss was all about.  For everybody. Along with the red patchwork sweatshirt I bought. I hope you enjoyed our sausage dinner as much as we did.

What a great waking dream.

March 11, 2010

This morning I woke up extra early  because I had  heard a thud on our bedroom window.  It was a  soft thud. My immediate thought was a bird had hit the window, mainly cause we have had birds hit this  window before. Rarely, but it has happened. It’s not a big window.  And when it happened in the past, they have quickly recovered and flew off.  Because of this I assumed there was no rush,  it happened again.  I crawled out of bed, dressed, put on shoes and even took the time to let our Germand Shepard, Heinrich go first out the patio door and into the yard.  He always has to go first. Bill says it’s an Alpha dog thing.  Since so much time had past, (10 minutes at least)  I didn’t think there would be any thing left to see. 

But I was wrong. About 15 foot from the window, on the ground looking like a mini decoy was a Cardinal.  Heinrich, our Alpha dog, was in such a hurry to beat me out into the yard, that he ran right past  the Cardinal. 

 The Cardinal  let me pick him up and hold him with no fuss. Which is amazing to me, since  I have  seen them but there has always been  some distance between them and me.  Nothing  like this.  And  up close  just added an extra bonus.   As I looked him over, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Probably just a little concussion. I talked to him a bit. He didn’t seem to be too worried about what was happening to him, so  I carried him in the house, found my camera, unpacked it, took pictures.

 Held him close, moved him to my finger so he could perch. He didn’t struggle.  He just sat there.

  After a bit of time past,  I sat him on the railing.  Maybe he thought I was a big cardinal with my red quilted sweatshirt I had just bought over the weekend.  This  sweat shirt was like nothing I had ever owned. I could not stop myself from buying it because Lou, the fabric artist  remined me of my Grandma Coleman.  I have to stay away from craft shows.  Especially craft shows downstairs from the  New Melle Sausage Dinner, held at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

The Cardinal  and I, well we had bonded, but I thought it best he move on. I left him on the railing , while  I came back in the house, stood at the patio door, watching to see what he would do.  Another cardinal flew up. They stood around, discussed their mutual experiences and  pranced around a bit  before they agreed to fly off  together. Whew, I was saved a from having to build him a nest to stay in.  

  I am sure this is phase 1 of a waking dream, or phase 2 if you count my temporary moment of grannieship as I bought  the cardinal red quilted sweatshirt.