There was a Local Deal advertisement

last week for a Japanese restaurant in St Louis. It’s name was Ichigo and it reminded me I have a blog named Ichigo that I have forgotten to take care of.
I am so sorry. I guess I better start begging forgiveness. I don’t even know what derailed posting on it.
But in the mean time our farm is going well. The work of the garden done. Only a few damaged crops, namely the tomatoes were not especially good. A dried bunch of green beans went moldy, not sure why. A gallon jar of pickles were invaded by flys, their babies and even though the pickles smelled good cause of all the garlic. The idea of even putting one close to my face was absolutely disgusting to me. I felt grossed out from seeing the fly babies squirming around~even though they were in a salt brine~apparently it didn’t harm them, the babies did well.Not the pickles. Ick.

Finally the hens started laying after almost 6 months. Seems like it was forever before they laid eggs. But they are very good now. We are finally getting to eat eggs for breakfast.
The biggest thrill has been seeing a fox. Especially a fox running. Which I have never witnessed in real life. Its amazing how fast they move.  Bill looked it up on the internet and said they can move as fast as 45 miles a hour (or was it 35 miles). I think it slowed the fox down because there was a chicken in its mouth. But not for long, because my hen managed to get away.Now the fox run was about a month ago and since this event there has been another attempted abduction. The only evidence was the hen who refused to come out of the barn all day along with the scattered red feathers by the grape vines. Glad she got away. But I imagine the fox has disappointment for dinner.
Well, I think its a good day for outside since there has been none of the promised rain. Its dry and breezy.
Gotta get the hens some scratch grain at Rural King.


One Response to “There was a Local Deal advertisement”

  1. Lynn Obermoeller Says:

    I saw that same restaurant advertisement and thought about your blog! Also, I recently saw two red fox in our yard and boy, they are quick – and graceful! I’m glad your chicken got away!

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