Biscuit bliss

Mmmm, I love biscuits.

Plain, buttered, honeyed, jellied, sausaged, egged, etc.

All good.

Thanks to a great new cookbook of mine called Biscuit Bliss, I can make more biscuit styles and textures than I ever believed possible.

In the six days since I bought the book, I have made biscuits everyday. My pants are tighter, my smile is brighter and there are only 98 more receipes to go before I have made my way completely through all 101 receipes.

Biscuit Bliss

Just in case you wanted to see the book. But to see inside you will have to get your own copy.

Mine is busy.


One Response to “Biscuit bliss”

  1. Fran Moody Says:

    Sounds yummy….let me know about favorites in it!

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