Going to Frannie’s

The plan is Friday is soap making day and Saturday is going to Lehman’s day. At Lehman’s store, Saturday is one of four big days filled with events.  They are focusing on a broad variety of events to celebrate “Learn the Lehman’s Lifestyle”. One example would be something I’m excited about  is the Sauerkraut Lady. She  is going to present information about fermenting foods for storage. Specifically sauerkraut.

This is perfect timing for me, since last year was the first time I had ever made sauerkraut. I don’t even know other people who make sauerkraut. I don’t even understand the forces impelling me to make sauerkraut. I just wanted to…  Plus, I confess, I don’t  know what the  homemade stuff is like. Never had  anything but commercially prepared sauerkraut. So I don’t know if what I have done is great, the best we can  expected, or so-so. But holding it up to the scrutiny of someone who does will give me a bit more confidence.  To me and my husband Bill, my homemade stuff was good, but he could have been just very kind. Long time husbands, do this quite frequently. I love long time husbands. They are the best.

Homemade sauerkraut is  tasty, and different from the commercial stuff. Softer, a bit saltier.

But the Sauerkraut lady is not all we are going for. They have a huge store geared toward the Amish who live with a high need for the  non-electrical equipment. The store is open to the public and welcomes anyone who might be interested in living a bit less technically oriented. 

 They have wood burning stoves,  cast iron skillets, (I could use a small one) and who knows what else.  Fran, Mom and I will be  worn out from gawking at everything. We will be pointing  at everything we cross paths with, speculating what things are, what they are used for and scheming how to get it back home.  Where we would put things in our respective houses.  Better take a notebook along with the camera.

The president of Lehman’s is Galen Lehman, who turned 50 today.  Maybe we will get to meet him Saturday too. The cherry on the sundaes.

 Plenty of new ideas to bring home and test out on people .


One Response to “Going to Frannie’s”

  1. Lynn Obermoeller Says:

    I’m thinking the sauerkraut I ate at this German restaurant had to be homemade – OMG, it was the best tasting (unlike the store kind) sauerkraut I’ve ever had. Mmm. Let me know how it goes. My xmotherinlaw made sauerkraut, but I don’t think I ever had the chance to try any. Have fun on your trip!

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