Going to Frannie’s for soapmaking.

My youngest sister lives in Ohio.  Since I haven’t been to her new house, in Tipp City, I think a trip is in order. So, in mid April I am going to drive up for the weekend with a truck full of stuff and a plan.  The Plan is to spend the night at  Mom’s on  Thursday, where she and I  will sit down talk, drink too much tea, eat some cookies and get caught up.

Then get up early Friday morning, go to Frannie and Brian’s (he will be at work I heard) house to spend the day. Of course we will eat, talk, giggle, cry and generally have a gathering of feminine souls. And make  homemade soap.  I will teach and everyone else is for the learning.  Mom likes  homemade soap. She is bringing her friend Jenny( who likes homemade soap ,too)  and  goes with Mom to do all the fun stuff they can. They are long time  friends.  I think my long-lost  Aunt  Terri might come over. My sister Fran is going to bring her friend along. Sorry I can’t remember her name now. This lack of skill on my part goes with the age I suppose.  ( Brian, if you are reading this, be warned)

 The general order of the day will be to make  homemade soap, with lye.  We can  use the soap for all kinds of things. One kind will be a household soap to be turned into dishwashing soap,  laundry detergent and general cleaning soap. All made with old-fashioned ingredients. The other will be milk and olive oil for using on the body. Guess you have the picture of what it can be.

  There are many reasons this is happening. One reason is the passage of time, we aren’t getting any younger. I could forget how to do it. Another reason is to see my sisters home .  She loves living a little more rural.  Spending time with my family is something I am missing right now. Another reason it is how satisfying  homemaking and farming  skills to me and being able to pass them on  to the next generation. Who will teach the next generation of  farming women and girls.  This idea was inspired by a magazine I love to read called  Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine. Mary Jane Butters talk about rural living along with  other things and encourages intergenerational skill building.  Her  theme of  farm girl sisterhoods is so our arts are not lost.  She has badges we can earn similar to the  girl scout badges I earned when I was younger.  Membership in the club can earn badges depicting Henrietta ( an aproned Hen)  embroidered on hexagon swatches of material.  This is so we pass on our skills in farming and community. If you would like to know more follow the link to Mary Janes Farm.    http://www.maryjanesfarm.org.

The other high point of the trip other than seeing my family is Mom, Fran and I are going on Saturday to Lehman’s  in Kidron, to attend their Spring Farm Days. Who knows what we will find there.  But we are excited. This place is so interesting to me. More on this part later on, but if you can’t wait here is the link to see for your self.  http://www.lehmans.com


3 Responses to “Going to Frannie’s for soapmaking.”

  1. Lynn Obermoeller Says:

    I do think it’s important to pass down skills that will someday probably be lost forever. Have you ever made doillies? Not sure how you spell it. My mom made them, but I haven’t a clue. Just curious. Enjoy your trip with your family and making soap!

  2. Fran Moody Says:

    Here’s my comment. I CAN’T WAIT! YAHOOOOOO!

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